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L to R: Michael C. Hall, Matt Katz-Bohen and Peter Yanowitz (Photo credit: Michael C. Hall)

Goes to the

March 15th 2022
By Curtis Newart

(Photo credit _ambussell.jpg

L to R: Peter Yanowitz, Michael C. Hall and Matt Katz-Bohen (Photo credit: Andrea Bussell @ambussell)

Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum (Princess) recently toured the UK in support of their album THANKS FOR COMING (2021) and is preparing to embark on a 12-city US tour.

The band is composed of Golden Globe® Award-winner Michael C. Hall (TV's "Dexter") on vocals, Matt Katz-Bohen of Blondie on keys, and Peter Yanowitz of The Wallflowers on drums.

The trio formed Princess (named by Katz-Bohen's daughter) while touring together with Broadway's Hedwig and the Angry Inch.


The 2021 UK leg of their tour included concerts in Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester, London, Bedford, Birmingham, Swansea, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, and Cologne.

They were scheduled to play in Kyiv, Ukraine, last year.

"We had to postpone the dates due to both the Russian troop buildup, and the COVID situation which was rapidly escalating," said Katz-Bohen.

"We love our Ukrainian friends and are very sad about this needless war. I should say that we also love our Russian friends who unfortunately are also at the mercy of a sociopathic autocrat. If anyone in the midst of a war can find peace and solace through our music, that is an amazing and beautiful thing."

The US leg of their tour starts March 20th in Pioneertown, California, and concludes on May 12th in New York City.

It will include stops in Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland, Spokane, Seattle, Garden City, Salt Lake City, Denver, Houston, and New York City.


Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum upcoming tour dates.

Princess (who descibe themselves as Gothadelic Rocktronic) released their EP Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum in 2020.



Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum - "Sideways" (3/22)

The Band

Photo credit Debbie Harry.jpg

L to R: Matt Katz-Bohen, Michael C. Hall and Peter Yanowitz (Photo credit: Debbie Harry)

Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum - "Tomorrow's Screams" (11/21)

Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum - "Nevertheless" (8/21)


Michael C Hall Photo credit Paul Storey.jpg

Michael C. Hall (Photo credit: Paul Storey)

Star of TV's Dexter and Six Feet Under, the lead singer of Princess has won a Golden Globe® Award and three Screen Actors Guild Awards®.

Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Hall also starred in the Broadway musicals Hedwig and The Angry Inch, and David Bowie's Lazarus.

Hall graduated from New York University's graduate acting program at Tisch School of the Arts in 1996.

Photo credit Howard Shiau.jpg

Michael C. Hall (Photo credit: Howard Shiau)

matt Katz-Bohen

Photocredit _thepaulstorey.jpg

Matt Katz-Bohen (Photo credit: Paul Storey)

Keyboardist Katz-Bohen also plays keys for Cyndi Lauper.


He attended New York City’s LaGuardia High School (the “Fame” school), and has worked with Tony BennettBoy George, RuPaul, Miss Guy (Toilet Boys), Jody Watley, Lady Miss Kier, and Princess Superstar.

"The vibe that keeps Princess together is that it is uniquely ours," said Katz-Bohen. "We three are full creative and business partners, and we cherish that."


"I love working with icons like Cyndi or Blondie, and cherish that as well, but it is truly wonderful to be able to create and have one hundred percent creative control over what we do."

"We have an EP of remixes coming out," he said. "We also have a full-length album which should be out later this year. And lots more touring."

"Fans can expect bliss and total rapture at our upcoming shows."

Peter Yanowitz

Photo credit _bockerdoodle.jpg

Peter Yanowitz (Photo credit: Marie Shelto)

Peter was the original drummer for The Wallflowers.

He's also worked with Natalie Merchant, Yoko OnoAllen Ginsberg, and Morningwood.

Yanowitz was born in Chicago and received an English major from Tufts University in 1989. His father, Dr. Frank Yanowitz is a jazz musician and cardiologist.






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